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In addition to consulting with business owners, we also provide a service that helps them get started. Our commercial development team provides retail space for future business owners to help get their dreams started. We specialize in commercial leasing, build-to-suit, and sales. We are proud to offer our tenants beautiful commmercial structures and are confident we will find the one that fits you and your future business goals perfectly.


Commercial Leasing Opportunities and Business Development in Syracuse, UT

Shadow Point Shopping Center is located at 1000 W. 1700 S. A(Antelope Dr.) in Syracuse, UT. This commercial development is recognized as a "neighborhood Shopping Center" where each individual retail shop can be accesed customer friendly. Along with its gorgeous professsional appearance, you can find the following businesses:

  • Walgreens
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Arctic Circle
  • Warrens Drive-In
  • Dollar Tree
  • Smartcuts Hair Salon
  • Little Scholars Preschool
  • Yogurt Spot
  • Gold's Gym
  • And More Space Available...

Settled in 1876, Syracuse City is one of the fastest growing communities along the Wasatch Front and the fastest growing city in Davis County. Syracuse is growing just under a 20 percent rate increase per year, which should double its population within 7 years. The 2010 Census Household Data VS 2000 release that Syracuse, UT has a population of 24,331 (+158.9%), Households of 6,362 (+155.5%), Housing Units of 6,534 (+151.2%), which consists of per square mile a Population of 1,078.9, Housing Units of 298.6, and Median Income of $58,223. The 2010 UDOT Average Annual Daily Trips released that Antelope Dr. (1700 S.) has 36,290 and 1000W. has 26,125; these are the direct intersections of where Shadow Point Shopping Center resides.

It is our privilege to have such quality developments available for your business and customers. We take pride in our attention to detail not only in the infrastructure of our buildings, but also in the contracts with our tenants. For additional information dealing with any of our commercial leasings, call TMRE & Consulting in Syracuse, UT today for free estimates and business opportunities!


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